Small square frame approx 10”x10” with artwork measuring approx 8”x8” - £45 + £6 p&p

Large square frame approx 20”x20” with artwork measuring approx 15”x15” - £95 + £10 p&p


                                                                                                                               £145 + £10 p&p(25 circles/squares design)


Also available :- 25 circles in 5 rows or 25 squares in 5 rows

Creating a work of ART from your children’s artworks!

Choice of 3 layouts.

1. 16 circles in rows

2. 16 squares in rows

3. 14 circles in a circle

How much?

To make your artwork even more special I can add your child’s ‘signature’ to the bottom of the piece.  All you have to do is send me a photo of your little ones autugraph.