Family portraits


Family trees

Each family member is represented by a song bird cut from a map of where they were born, perching on trees cut from sheet music and surrounded by blossom either cut from more sheet music or further maps of your choice, representing special locations i.e. holidays, places lived.

Additional flower or butterfly cut from a map - £2 each

If you’d like more than 6 birds - please contact me for a quote.

2 birds - landscape 10”x8” - £35 + £5 p&p

3 birds - landscape 10”x8” - £40 + £5 p&p

4 birds -square 10”x10” - £45 + £6 p&p or  5 birds - square 10”x10” -£50 + £6 p&p

6 birds - portrait - 10”x12” £60 +£7 p&p

Owl Family/Teddy bears/Bear family/elephant family (or your own suggestion)

As an alternative to the family trees you can also represent family members with various animal families. Framed in a box frame.  Sizes and prices vary depending on design.  Please contact me for a quote.